What is Special About TrueRoots?

Comprehensive – I help you with all aspects of business ownership

Exclusive – You only work with me and I only partner with a small number of owners

Connected – Call, text or email, I am there for you at no additional charge


Price Structure

My straightforward monthly retainer plan features valuable on-site visits, includes design/development time and unlimited phone/text/email support directly with me.

You are welcome to change levels or cancel at any time. No contracts.

Weekly On-site Visits $1,500/mo.

Bi-weekly On-site Visits $900/mo.

Monthly On-site Visits $500/mo.

On-site visits include activities like 1:1 meetings, team trainings, interviews/terminations, facilitation, mediation and more. All plans include design & development time for creating deliverables like report creation, strategy maps, employee forms and more. For more details, check out how I work with you.

If a monthly retainer plan isn’t what you’re looking for, I also provide full & 1/2 day sessions, one-time visits, mediation services and professional speaking. Contact me to learn more.


Why TrueRoots?

Most of all, I go way beyond coaches and consultants – I support you directly. Instead of telling you what to do, you decide if you want me to do things for you. Or, I can teach you or your team to do them better. For example…

* Difficult employees? I’ll work with you or your managers to shift expectations and boost performance.

* Hard conversations not happening? I’ll facilitate a meeting to dramatically improve communication.

* Reports or finances unclear? I’ll create understandable reporting so you make better decisions.

Whatever you want to change, I’ll be with you to make sure it happens. This is how my active, trusted advising is different than coaching, consultanting, or joining mastermind groups – Beyond knowing. Doing.

Mountain Arts Pottery & Coffee Pot Cafe
Mountain Arts Pottery & Coffee Pot Cafe Bozeman, MT
We as a family have appreciated all of your wisdom and insight into our lives and our businesses. Know that you have been a blessing to many Lockies. – Jennie Lockie, Co-Founder & Mother