How I Work With You


The complex center of every business

* Customer Growth

* Engage Employees

* Communication & Conflict

* Partners & Boards


Repeatable processes create clarity and simplicity

* Daily Operations

* Finances & Reporting

* Training & Onboarding Guides

* Visual Work Aides


Decide where you are going and how you’ll get there

* Purpose

* Prioritization

* Goal Setting

* Succession & Exit


First, we’ll connect in person to get to know one another and explore what you’d like to change in your business. Our objective is to see if there’s a fit between us, as well as a chance for you to decide what level of support you’d like. There is no fee for this meeting and no obligation to move forward.


Andy Cooking

Andy at Liberty Market in Gilbert

On-Site Visits

This is the foundation of how we’ll work together. With my comprehensive expertise, we are not limited to one-on-one coaching sessions. Here’s just a few examples of other ways I can actively support you:

* Lead a meeting or training session

* Refine and document a key process

* Help you hire, coach or terminate an employee


Design & Development

Based on our work in-person together, you may need some additional design or development. I always provide a summary of our meeting with what we cover and next steps, but I can provide other deliverables, such as:

* Reports & financial analysis

* Training guides & process docs

* Employee reviews and disciplinary write-ups


Ongoing Support

Rest easy knowing that you are welcome to call, text or email me between on-site visits. Questions are welcome! There’s no hourly charges. I’ll also follow up with you periodically to see how things are going. You’ll never feel alone again.

The key to the TrueRoots process is time. We’ll take our time to really understand what is real, make the changes, look for ways to improve, and focus on results.

Pomeroy's Men's Store Mesa, AZ
Thank you for the boost of confidence I always get from you and for valued information that you share with me. I always leave feeling more energized and not quite so defeated in my thoughts of self doubt in running a small business. You really are one of my very favorite people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, learn from and become friends with in my journey through life! – Michel Fluhr, Owner