How It Works


Here is an overview of TrueRoots mediation process for a specific conflict:

Step 1 – Discovery

We will start with an in-depth assessment to clearly understand your unique situation. Andy will speak with all parties involved in the conflict individually to understand their perspectives and ensure everyone involved has a stake in resolving the conflict. This is a critical step – identifying the “elephant in the room” and confirming there is mutual interest in removing it.


Step 2 – Facilitated Session(s)

Andy will facilitate a group discussion to help bring the topics to light. Each party will be given time to fully express their perspective, with a focus on maintaining a safe, respectful environment. The emphasis is on understanding the past while looking towards the future. Ultimately, how does everyone want to move forward?


Step 3 – Follow-up

One of the key differences in working with TrueRoots is the strong emphasis on follow-up. We will clearly define what everyone has agreed to, the actionable steps to resolve the issues, and importantly, what happens next when the inevitable new conflict arises. All of this will be included in an easy-to-use meeting summary provided at the conclusion of the sessions(s).


Training & Support

In some cases, training or long term support may be helpful. This could include identifying specific skills to improve, such as effectively having hard conversations or dealing with difficult customers. Additionally, ongoing support for recurring or complex conflict situations is available.


TrueRoots is the reliable, insightful partner who will help you navigate conflict in a calm, straightforward, and rational way. Let’s talk about what you want to do – contact TrueRoots