How It Works


Nothing beats first-hand experience! Andy as Prep Cook to understand this restaurant client from the inside.

Step 1 – Discovery

We will start with an in-depth assessment to clearly identify your needs. There is no limit to what can be done to understand your business, even working side-by-side with your team, doing their jobs with them. If what you need is something TrueRoots can’t address, that’s no problem. Referrals to other experts will be gladly provided.


Step 2 – Execution

This is where we put the plan in action. Whatever our desired change, we will spend less time talking and more time practicing. This emphasis on “doing” is what separates TrueRoots from other consulting approaches. You can expect personal support and open communication through the entire process.


Step 3 – Mastery

No matter how big or small the change, it takes time and repetition to make it stick. Follow through won’t just be an afterthought, it will be a core component of our plan. It is this repeated focus which makes the needed change stick. This is another big difference between TrueRoots and other approaches.


TrueRoots is the reliable, insightful partner who will help you apply these essentials for growth in a straightforward, rational way. No boxes to think outside of or paradigms to shift, just simple, practical results using proven techniques. Let’s talk about what you want to do – contact TrueRoots