Transforming conflict within organizations

* Employee vs. Employee

* Employee vs. Manager

* Leadership Transitions

* Strategy Disagreements


Reputation is everything in the modern, connected world

* Contract Disputes

* Stalled Projects

* Managing Difficult Customers

* Yelp! & Online Reviews


Complex conflicts are a TrueRoots speciality

* Families in Business

* Partnership Friction

* Succession / M&A

* Community Relation Crisis

Business Examples


TrueRoots has successfully mediated scores of conflicts and helped dozens of organizations improve their effectiveness. Here are three practical examples with names withheld to preserve confidentiality:

Example #1 – A family business in transition…
The CEO & Founder of this business decided to retire after decades of leadership. As he handed the business down to one of his adult children who had been a longtime employee of the business, multiple conflicts emerged. Several of the siblings were upset at the father’s choice. Additionally, the internal leadership team of the business was also dissatisfied with their new leader.
TrueRoots skillfully facilitated mediative sessions with both the family members and the existing leaders. This allowed the newly appointed CEO to transition effectively and restored peace among the family members. TrueRoots supported this transition on an as-needed basis for 18 months, to include trainings and facilitated staff meetings.

Example #2 – A hospitality business with inhospitable customers…
With the explosion of real-time social media and online review sites, a single angry customer situation can create a ripple of bad publicity preserved for all to see. This innovative restaurant group recognized the risk and brought on TrueRoots in two capacities.
One focus was to train existing management and employees on how to effectively diffuse difficult customer situations. Secondly, the leadership team consults TrueRoots on how to handle particularly complex customer issues. This has resulted in improved online ratings, additional business and more employees handling customer issues on-the-spot, before they are blasted out to the world.

Example #3 – Well meaning board of directors struggles to help the organization…
Fissures between organization management and boards of directors are notoriously destructive. In this case, the board and management had been working together effectively for years until a complete shift in the market took everyone by surprise.
It is during times of change where even minor conflicts become catastrophic. TrueRoots lead a multi-faceted mediation process, to include sessions between the CEO and board chairman, as well as individually with the management team and then the board itself. This culminated in a powerful, transformative group session where management and the board found common ground, reestablishing effective communication. Disputes between various board members, as well as management, were peacefully resolved.

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