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Andy BassKindness, curiosity and wisdom are my core values. My greatest joy is serving people with warmth and compassion. Whether I’m advising or playing bass in the local music scene, I love to create the setting for others to shine!

Before founding TrueRoots, I gained a unique perspective from my experience in the corporate world. I was fortunate to work in the cell phone tower industry through the boom years of the late ’90’s until leaving in 2012. From the startup years to my executive experience with a $6B merger, I had the privilege of a wide variety of experiences and people. Time and again, the wonderful people I worked with would compliment me on my caring heart and thoughtful leadership.

Prior to my corporate experience, I had a chance to help the “sausage get made” in government and higher education, including Sarasota County Parks, University of Cincinnati and Florida State University Athletics. I also served as an active duty member of the US Air Force in the Security Police.

Andy Hammer Throw

I love learning – graduating with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Florida State. I was often mistaken for a football player, I actually rose to new heights of obscurity as a hammer thrower and Track & Field team captain. Even after college, I never stop finding new things to learn. I’m particularly intrigued by themes in psychology, especially neuro/evolutionary development, mindfulness, communication and conflict.

Service is also very important to me. I co-created an international youth leadership development program, and continue to donate consulting support to local non-profits & special local businesses

Beyond work and playing all kinds of music, you’ll probably find me either in the kitchen cooking up something new, on my touring motorcycle or out exploring the Western wilderness somewhere.

I’d like to get to know you, too. Let’s meet for coffee.


TrueRoots Purpose

“I founded TrueRoots Development with the purpose of improving the lives of leaders and their teams. Time and again, I witnessed how even the smallest improvements radically enhances the quality of life for those involved. When core purposes are fulfilled, customers, vendors, families and employees are all happier.

I am genuinely grateful each time I help a leader change their organization for the better. They go home happier with the capacity to be better parents, family members, friends, and loved ones. This is the world I want to live in. I seek to be a long-term resource for those who share this vision and would like to make it a reality for themselves and those they interact with.”


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