What is different about TrueRoots:

Discretionary Payment – only pay the fee if you feel the service is valuable, at your sole discretion

In-Depth – understanding everyone’s perspective and finding a practical path forward

Confidential – your privacy is absolutely protected; all materials are securely destroyed

Safe & Respectful – sessions will be managed closely to ensure civility

Results Focused – mediation sessions and all training will have a clear, observable objective


TrueRoots Development - Business Advising* Andy Shirk founded TrueRoots in 2012 and personally leads each engagement

* Successful business leader, educator and mediator in organizations small and large (~$20B market cap)

* Proven record in the private, public and non-profit sectors, spanning basic contract disputes to interpersonal conflicts to complex community issues

* B.S. and M.S. degrees from Florida State University

* Active-duty veteran of the U.S. Air Force

* Co-created an international youth leadership development program, and donates consulting support to local non-profits & special local businesses


A personal message from Andy

“I founded TrueRoots Development with the purpose of improving the lives of owners, leaders, employees and families. Time and again, I witnessed the difference open, skillful conflict resolution radically enhances the quality of life for those involved. Profits grow, customers, vendors, families and employees are happier.

I am genuinely grateful each time I help someone transform conflict into a practical path forward. They go home happier with the capacity to be better parents, family members, friends, and loved ones. This is the world I want to live in. I seek to be a long-term resource for those who share this vision and would like to make it a reality for themselves and those they interact with.”


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