Your Active Advisor

Sometimes you need more than advice when you own a business

Beyond Knowing. Doing.

I’m Andy Shirk and I founded TrueRoots Development in 2012. As an active advisor for business owners like you, I go beyond coaching and consulting. Instead of just telling you what you should do, I’ll actually do what’s needed with you or for you.

Rather than just hand you a report or chat about change, I take an active role with you and your team, in-person and over time. Together, we’ll do what it takes to improve people, process and strategy.

Ownership demands so much of us. Most owners double down on what they are good at. This means working harder, yet still feeling the stress build about the other important areas you know aren’t being addressed.

With me, you will finally have the resource you need to work more “on” your business than “in” your business. You might even be able to relax a little more the next time you leave the shop?

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I specialize in strengthening owners who were once doers – like the doctor who now owns the practice, the accountant who owns the firm or the chef who owns a restaurant.

There’s no easy way to learn how to own a business and there’s no perfect owner. Experience is a hard teacher. What if you had someone like me by your side? How much better would it feel to have clarity and peace-of-mind?

I provide this service through a monthly subscription. It is structured specifically so I can offer you my personal attention, including visits to your workplace, design & development time, and email/phone support.

Best of all? There’s no risk. You only pay if you see value in our work together – entirely at your sole discretion. No contracts. It’s that simple.

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