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TrueRoots is a unique mediation and consulting practice founded by Andy Shirk. He works side-by-side with people experiencing conflict to see what is true, solving difficult problems at their root.

Andy provides calm guidance to simplify the complex and do what it takes to restore balance. Most importantly, he is a reliable resource in an increasingly conflict-oriented world.

Explore some examples of conflicts transformed with TrueRoots support.


Go Deeper

Conflict is a natural part of business. Poorly managed conflict, however, is enormously expensive. It undermines critical relationships, erodes brands and crushes growth.

How? Exorbitant litigation costs, angry customers, resentful vendors, dysfunctional teams, stifled creativity, frustration and anxiety.

Instead, choose a different path. Andy works with you, within your team, to create the roots of deep, lasting peace and effectiveness. Discover how.

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